Thursday, February 5, 2015

Internet Gaming

The Internet offers exceptional opportunities for gaming operators to expand. The internet offers the opportunity to reach a larger audience with fewer overhead costs. Indeed, Internet and intranet gambling represents the highest growth sector of the gaming industry. Financial opportunities have become increasingly available not only for gaming operators, but also for service providers, and content developers.

I-gaming law is in its infancy in the US. New state and federal i-gaming legislation is being introduced every day. Gaming law attorney John K. Maloney has taken a leading-edge approach to i-gaming law.

The Law Firm the Experienced Professionals Turn To:

John Maloney has been working in the fields of gaming regulation and gaming law for more than a quarter century. He was already a nationally recognized legal authority on gaming regulations when the Internet entered the public consciousness in the mid-90s. Using his firm's worldwide network of professional experts and the latest technology, Mr. Maloney knows what is happening on a day-to-day basis in the world of online gaming laws and how various jurisdictions interpret and apply the ever-changing gaming laws.

John Maloney has appeared before gaming regulators on i-gaming issues, and has provided clients with guidance on the potential impact of newly proposed i-gaming regulations on their businesses. If you are involved in i-gaming or are considering doing business in the i-gaming industry, make sure you get the experienced legal counsel and representation you need. Contact his offices in Sacramento or Las Vegas to schedule a consultation with John Maloney to discuss your i-gaming issue.

What You Should Know About Internet Gaming Law:

Many states are currently heading in the direction of legalizing some form of internet gaming. Nevada and Delaware were the first states to implement legislation to deal with internet poker and internet casino games. The Federal Government continues to revisit and interpret past regulations such as The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. In the US, while interstate i-gaming is still on the horizon, opportunities for intrastate gaming currently exist. There are also interstate i-gaming opportunities available outside the US. John Maloney can help you structure your business to meet the ever changing regulatory environment in the US. For unregulated i-gaming businesses, investors and service providers require most i-gaming operators to possess a legal opinion demonstrating the legality of their business. John Maloney can review your business plan and draft the necessary legal opinions to get your i-gaming business moving. John Maloney can also help you create an i-gaming compliance plan and policies to prevent future
regulatory issues.

New challenges for entrepreneurs, regulators, and industry lawyers continue to emerge. We are here to help you with:

  • Controversies over the legality of online games and cash prizes;
  • Gaming on handheld devices, including cell phones and tablets;
  • Licensing and distribution agreements;
  • Preparation and implementation of compliance plans, and website terms and conditions; and
  • Reviewing state-by-state gaming laws and regulations.